Bloober Team Removes Game Sales In Belarus & Russia

Bloober Team, an independent development studio from Poland, recently announced that they will suspend all sales of their titles across all digital marketplaces & stores in both Belarus & Russia, in protest of Russia’s invasion in Ukraine.

The developers, best known for various horror titles such as Blair Witch, Observer System Redux, and Layers of Fear, released a statement to their fans, detailing the reasonings behind suspending sales.

Bloober Team Removes Game Sales In Belarus & Russia

Bloober Team Restricts Game Sales In Belarus & Russia

As of yesterday, March 3rd, the following Bloober Team titles have been removed from digital stores in both Russia and Belarus:

  • A-men
  • A-Men 2
  • Blair Witch & Soundtrack
  • Blair Witch VR Edition
  • Layers of Fear
  • Layers of Fear & Soundtrack
  • Layers of Fear 2 & Soundtrack
  • Layers of Fear VR
  • Layers of Fear: Inheritance
  • Observer System Redux & Soundtrack
  • The Art of Blair Witch
  • The Art of Observer System Redux
  • The Art of The Medium
  • The Medium & Soundtrack
Source: Press Release
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