Bonuses for Hunting Legendary Animals in Red Dead Online This Week

All Hunters in Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Online will be able to net themselves big Rewards this week.

All those that hunt, kill, and skin any Legendary Animal (either in Free Roam or in a Sighting Mission) will get themselves a Weight Gain Tonic, a Weight Loss Tonic (covering both spectrums), and 100 rounds of Nitro Express Ammo for the Elephant Rifle.

Make sure to bring the carcass and hide to Gus’ Store. In doing so, players can get themselves two Fast Travel Rewards and a Snowy Egret Plume. Crafting a Coat or Trinket will net yourself an Offer for 40% off an Established or Distinguished Naturalist Item of your choosing.

Whether you’re an animal-lover, a hunter, or a Naturalist, those from all walks of life can get a Reward for 1,000 Naturalist XP and 5 Animal Revivers just for playing this week.

Note that Harriet Davenport has knocked five Gold Bars off the Naturalist’s Sample Kit for the next seven days as well. Meanwhile, those looking for a little something extra can get themselves Double RDO$ on Free Roam Missions.

Discount-wise, Local Stables will feature half-off Blankets, Horns and Bedrolls, along with 40% off all American Paint and Andalusian Horses. On top of that, players can get 40% off the Wilderness Camp, 30% off The Fast Travel Post, all Rifles and Coats, all Tonics sold by Harriet, and Improved Bow Variants, Trinkets, and Gauntlets sold at Gus’ Store.

The Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue will welcome back the Fanned Stovepipe Hat, the Eberhart Coat, the Macbay Jacket, the Chambliss Corset, and the Danube Outfit for a limited time.

Finally, Red Dead Online players that have connected their Rockstar Games Social Club account to their Prime Gaming will receive Rewards for a free Bounty Hunter License and a Free Trimmed Amethyst Bounty Wagon Livery. Those who connect to Prime Gaming before May 10 will receive Offers and Rewards for 50 free Trader Goods, a free Varmint Rifle, and 30% off the Hunting Wagon..

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