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Borderlands: Game Of The Year Edition

Borderlands: Game Of The Year Edition
After releasing a total of 4 DLCs for Borderlands they decide to launch the Game Of The Year Edition. This includes all 4 DLCs (Zombie Island, Underome Riot, Secret Armory, Robot Revolution) as well as EXCLUSIVE entry into the First Access club for the upcoming Duke Nukem: Forever

The game is no longer vaporware and now is your chance to get in on the action before anyone else, even if you’re not that big a fan of Borderlands the early access to Duke Nukem: Forever is almost worth the price itself.

If you’re not familiar with Borderlands it’s an FPS game with strong RPG elements, it makes a nice change to the typical run and gun approach of shooters, allowing you to choose one of four characters and customize your guns in so many ways, it’s practically limitless. Steam is currently having a sale on Borderlands: Game Of The Year Edition with a nice 25% off leaving a $29.99 price tag.

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