Bounty Hunter Bonuses This Week in Red Dead Online

All Bounty Hunters in Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Online can net themselves a wealth of Bonuses this week.

All this week, players can score Double Role XP on all Bounty Missions, which also includes Infamous and Legendary. There will also be Doubled Gold when trading in Bounty Hunter XP, and there will be a respectable 1.5X RDO$ and Role XP on all Bounty Hunter Free Roam Events.

In addition to these perks, players will also be able to get for themselves Double XP on all Competitive Challenge Free Roam Events this week. A Treasure Map and 100 rounds of High Velocity Rifle Ammo can also be yours just for logging in

For those just getting into things, players can take three Gold Bars off the Bounty Hunter License from now to June 7. There are also some nice perks for those who just got their license in the form of 25 Throwing Knives and 50 rounds of Split Point Repeater Ammo.

All this week, Rank requirements are lifted for all horses and weapons (minus those exclusive to Roles). Discount-wise, players will be able to take 40% off all Breton Horses, 50% off all Bolas, and 30% off all Shirts, Corsets & Dresses, all Bounty Hunter Wagon Tints, all Improved Saddles, all Double Bandoliers, and the Prestigious Bounty Hunter Outfit and Emote.

Coming back to the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue for a limited time is the Dillehay Hat, Tied Pants, Benbow Jacket, Calhoun Boots, Darned Stockings, and the Woodland Gloves.

Finally, those that connect their account to Prime Gaming by June 7 can get themselves Offers for 50% off the Advanced Camera and select Outfits (up to Rank 15), along with Rewards for 5 Legendary Animal Pheromones and 5 Blending Tonics.

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