Bounty Hunting Season Offers Huge Rewards In Red Dead Online

Rockstar Games recently announced a series of bonuses, events, rewards, discounts, and more for Red Dead Online’s Bounty Hunting Season. The event sees a long list of free items & rewards for playing Red Dead Online alongside a series of events running throughout March, through to April 4th.

Bounty Hunting Season Offers Huge Rewards In Red Dead Online

To get things started, all new players can start their vigilante journey at a discounted price, with the Bounty Hunter license available for 5 Gold Bars cheaper than the regular price. All Bounty Hunters will see 2X RDO$ and XP on regular bounties collected from the Bounty Board and for those with the skill to take them on, Legendary and Infamous Bounties will give 3X RDO$ and XP for the entire month. Additionally, all players will receive some free ammunition, Bounty Hunting clothing, and Special Horse Revivers.

A breakdown of the Bounty Hunter event:

  • Double RDO$ and XP on Regular Bounties and Player Bounties, plus Triple RDO$ and XP on Legendary and Infamous Bounties
  • Triple RDO$ and XP on any Featured Series until April 4, plus winning a single match will net players an Offer for half off select Vests
  • Double RDO$ and Bounty Hunter Role XP on all Bounty Hunter Free Roam Events, plus 5 Capitale will be earned when completing any Bounty Hunter Free Roam Event once each week during this month
  • Login Bonuses for Bounty Hunters until April 4: 150 Revolver Cartridges and a Reward for a free Honor Reset, plus a free Bounty Clear for Prestigious Bounty Hunters
  • Free Community-Inspired Bounty Hunter Outfit items: All players can pick up the Bellerose Hat, Shotgun Coat, Everyday Shirt (male), Western Shirtwaist (female), Richfield Vest, Cuffed Town Pants, Military Half Chaps and Cavalry Boots, plus select colorways of the Dress Tie and Leather Gloves
  • Free Items for all players: 5 Special Horse Revivers for logging in, and free Whiskey and Beer at all Saloons this month
  • 3-day Bounty Hunter Role Streak Rewards: 5 Gold Bars off the Prestigious Bounty Hunter License, and a Reward for 30% off a Prestigious Bounty Hunter Item for those who already own the Prestigious Bounty Hunter License
  • 2 Gold Bars for turning a Bounty in each week between March 1 – March 28, and a Reward for 50% off a Single Bandolier will be scored for completing a Player Bounty
  • Returning Limited-Time Clothing: The Cardozo Vest and Calhoun Boots are once again available in the Catalogue and at local Tailors
  • Bounty Hunter Discounts: 5 Gold Bars off the Bounty Hunter License, plus all Bounty Hunter Outfits are 30% off, including The Wakeeney, The Bullard, The Garwood, The Carthage, and The Thorogood
  • Month-long Discounts: 50% off Bolas, Throwing Knives, High Velocity Ammo, 40% off all Andalusian and Breton Horse breeds, as well as 30% off the Schofield Bounty Hunter Variant, Ammo Crafting Pamphlets, all Coats, Repeaters and Weapon Engravings
  • Prime Gaming Benefits: Players who connect their Social Club account to Prime Gaming through April 5 will get Offers for 40% off the Semi-Automatic Pistol and 30% off an Established or Distinguished Bounty Hunter Role Item of their choice

Events will be taking place throughout the month of March, including:

  • March 1st-7th: A Discount for 30% off a Bounty Hunter Wagon will be granted for completing 2 Player Bounties this week
    Gun Rush (Hardcore) will be the Featured Series for this week
  • March 8th-14th: A Treasure Map for a haul in West Hill Haven will be earned after completing 5 Regular, Legendary, or Infamous Bounties
    A Treasure Map leading to a chest near O’Creagh’s Run can also be earned by completing 10 Regular, Legendary, or Infamous Bounties
    This week’s Featured Series will be Takeover Series (Hardcore)
  • March 15th-21st: A select colorway of Tied Pants for Bounty hunters who complete 5 Legendary Bounties
    Elimination Series (Hardcore) will be this week’s Featured Series
  • March 22nd-28th: A select colorway of the Hopeman Vest for completing 5 Infamous Bounties
    This week’s Featured Series will be Team Shootout Series (Hardcore)
  • March 29th-April 4th: 3 Gold Bars will be earned for completing 15 Regular, Legendary, or Infamous Bounties
    Showdown Series (Hardcore) will be this week’s Featured Series

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