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Brink DLC Released

Brink DLC Released
Ark: A vessell or sanctuary that serves as protection against extinction. This is the basis for the world of Brink. Two sides – Security and The Resistance – vie for control of the last human refuge: a giant floating city known simply as the Ark.

Originally met with mixed reviews from both critics and individuals alike, Brink developers Bethesda Software and Splash Damage hope to rectify this with their first downloadable content release. Dubbed “Agents of Change”, Splash Damage is throwing everything it can into this DLC. Players get two new levels, weapons, gadgets for each of the game’s four classes, as well as new character customization options and an increased level cap.

With the release of this new content, players will be able to duke it out in the Ark’s original high-tech research and development laboratories, or take the fight directly to the Founders’ doorstep as the ever-ensuing battle breaks into the lofty heights of the Ark’s infamous Tower. Levels seem focused on expanding the depth and storyline of the Ark pre-war, as their design lends itself towards the natural structure of the facility and not the hastily constructed “slums” seen in some previous levels.

Expanding on the game’s arsenal is just one way that Brink’s developers have made attempts to solidify their platforming-shooter as a must have. Rather than simply adding unnecessarily to the already extensive weapon catalog, Splash Damage has instead chosen to increase player versatility and strategy by opting to include Bayonets and weapon shields (think Modern Warfare 2’s Riot Shield) to the mix. This should really add some great strategy to one of the few team-based shooters out there.

New Class Abilities:

Napalm Grenade (Soldier) – This new grenade will allow the soldier to douse an area with white hot flames, effectively barring passage and charring anyone caught in the blast radius.

Field Regen Unit (Medic) – When deployed, these stationary objects will increase the health regeneration of all nearby allies.

Pyro Mine (Engineer) – Working similar to the already popular land mine, these new mines will envelop an unsuspecting group of enemies in searing fire when triggered.

UAV (Operative) – This Unmanned Arial Vehicle allows the operative to instantly mark nearby enemies for teammates as well as assume control and detonate it on a crowd of bewildered opponents.

Tactical Scanner (All) – This new item will allow players to view all buffs an enemy player has and therefore make it easier to pick off inadequately prepared opposition.

Also included with Agents of Change are new character customization options. Resistance fighters will have an opportunity to embrace their inner Steampunk with the new “Sad Punk” itemization, while Security members will don outfits inspired by European police outfits of old.

For the first two weeks of its release (August 3rd – August 17th), Agents of Change will remain completely free to anyone who downloads it. Later however, the downloadable content will be raised to 800 Microsoft points ($9.99) but remain free to those who already have it. Agents of Change releases on all platforms on August 3rd.

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