Buildings Have Feelings Too! Now Available

Merge Games, Blackstaff Games, and Northern Ireland Screen’s unique city-management/puzzle game Buildings Have Feelings Too! is now available.

The more traditional city-sim games that are currently out on the market today typically put the focus on the community, with the development of a metropolis designed around its denizens. However, true to its namesake, the world of Buildings Have Feelings Too! Has each of its structures taking the spotlight.

The buildings of its world must stand together as additional communities and neighborhoods are constructed over time, each with new purposes and shared goals. The city is truly alive in this title, with an array of offices, shops, entertainment facilities and amenities all available.

Learn more with the launch trailer below:

Buildings Have Feelings Too! Launch Trailer

The development of this title received funding support through Northern Ireland Screen’s Assembler Programme, which sets out to boost their economy, celebrate their culture, and enhance their children’s education. You can learn more with their official website here.

The game is now available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam for $19.99. The title is currently 20% off on Steam here, for $15.99.

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