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Bungie & Google Join Forces To Deliver Immersive Destiny Experience

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If you’ve been fighting an unquenchable thirst since the last public beta event for Destiny, you’re in for a surprise. Bungie today revealed the release of a brand new website that promises to deliver an intricate look at the huge universe in Destiny and some insight into those that inhabit it.

In the build up to the September 9th release the developers have released the Destiny Planet View, a fully interactive exploration experience in which players have the unique opportunity to learn more about the planets of our universe, thousands of years into the future.

Ever wanted to explore the dark depths of the Moon’s biggest craters? Or how about the luscious forests of Venus? Well, now’s your chance as Venus, Mars and the Moon are all available for examination and exploration – complete with both real and in-game incentive rewards.

Get discovering now at Destiny Planet View.

You can also check out the official launch trailer below:

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