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Call Of Duty: Ghosts Players Unjustly Banned

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A lot of Ghosts players recently complained on Reddit about being banned unjustly. All of them were accused of cheating. While PC gamers were relatively unharmed, many console gamers complained on Call of Duty: Ghosts subreddit.

Possibly the matchmaking system is to be blamed as it assigned those poor souls in question to hacked servers. Instead of taking down the creators of those servers, Activision decided to ban everyone who played on them. Most of them seem to be PS3 and 4 gamers, at least most of them complained on Reddit about the ongoing issue.

Activision assured that all bans were justified. No one was banned without a thorough investigation. “As long as you have not contravened against any rules, you have nothing to fear”, Activision said in an official thread. A bit earlier, however, they stated that all bans final and will not be reverted. Additional information about why the player was banned will not be given either.

These statements generally caused a lot of outrage, especially the part about ‘All bans are justified’ was met with accusations of lying. Since apparently most of the bans were caused by hacked servers through no fault of one’s own, it seems like an extraordinary punishment. This incident could give Activision a serious blow in terms of popularity. Those people in question could decide to stick with Battlefield, once it and CoD go into the next round.

On the other side, stories tell about a gamer, by the name of ‘themidnightsociety’, who, through a lot of persistent complaining and belligerence, has been reinstated. If that was an exception or the beginning of a “We’re sorry”-campaign, has yet to be seen. At least this gamer gave all CoD fans, who were wrongly accused, a bit of hope.

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