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Call Of Duty: Black Ops DLC Incoming

Call Of Duty: Black Ops DLC Incoming

The new Call of Duty:Black Ops DLC is just around the bend and I know that everyone is excited for the Multiplayer experience that I and millions of others have come to enjoy over the past few years.

The First Strike DLC Pack includes 4 brand new Multiplayer maps and one brand new Zombie map.

The four Multiplayer Maps, Kowloon, Berlin Wall, Discovery, and Stadium, All bring something new to the seemingly old Call of Duty experience.

Kowloon introduces a zip line from the top of the map to the bottom. This can be a good way to get around, but also a good way to get killed. Use this sparingly seeing as you are wide open and unable to shoot while zinging down this joyride.

Berlin Wall and height for snipers (oh boy…) and a no man’s land with activate able auto turrets similar to those found in the game’s zombie mode. As long as the auto turrets aren’t a total killjoy, and you are able to hide from the 10 snipers in every game, this map should be an interesting trip.


Discovery introduces “destructible Environments” in the form of a snow bridge. Nothing like what battlefield has but it allows for some good strategy of when and when not to blow it up.

My favorite upcoming map has to be the close combat/run and gun gameplay style of Stadium. This map if filled with corridors and small areas of confrontation which will turn up the ‘Holy Crap’ factor of this game on modes like domination.

Acesscion is the thing that everyone is excited for, Who doesn’t like to kill zombie’s with four friends. Not much is known about the map except that it takes place at an abandoned soviet launch station. A new enemy will be introduced that is similar to the Nova 6’s of Kino Der Toten, it is speculated that these “space monkey’s” will steal the player’s perks.

Pick up Call of Duty: Black Ops – First Strike on February, 1st for 1200 Microsoft Points ($15)

P.S.-look at the beginning of the video…I see the distinct text of new perks and killstreaks so we’ll see what that has to bring in the next couple of days.

Written by Jake Stewart

It should also be noted that this is a 360 exclusive at the moment.

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