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Call of Duty: Black Ops Stats

Call of Duty: Black Ops Stats

Today Activision released some numbers that may shock only a little bit of the worlds population about Call of Duty: Black Ops.

If you’ve played the newest Call of Duty game you probably know what the 3 most popular guns are. The Famas, AK47u, and the Galil. And with those guns (most likely the AK74u) the three perks Marathon, Slight of Hand, and lightweight have been used the most in the games life since the early November release. The killstreaks that have killed the most are the RC-XD, the Attack Chopper and Napalm Strike with Chopper Gunner in a close fourth

And according to the guys in charge of this list, the time of 161 WWII were fought every day. That adds up to roughly 50,000 years of total play time. In this time everyone has shot 1.1 trillion bullets, the equivalent of roughly 8 million tons of ammo.

A couple other interesting tidbits are that the total number of deaths in the game are equal to that of the worlds population nine time over, and that everyone playing has ran around the world nearly 3.2 Billion miles!

All these stats are quite amazing, a ton more interesting information can be found in the image below, like how often you shoot down aircraft, and how many videos you have uploaded with all of those crazy kills and lucky tomohawks.

While these stats are very impressing (and depressing, I need a life) they will surely jump substantially this weekend seeing that Treyarch is hosting Black Ops’ first (of hopefully many) Double XP weekend across all platforms. I don’t know about you but I will be ready to take on anyone and everyone I come against in domination this weekend when I can earn 10-40 thousand experience per round I complete.

Written by Jake Stewart

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  1. The best thing for me to do is put my killstreaks is at a ” high risk” form so i can consentrate on getting them put them to what your comfortable with, like for me i go for napalm, attack heli, and dogs, but some times i’ll go for uav, counter uav, and a napalm

    Now for choosing guns?- A nice aug with a silencer and dual mags work quite well for me, use a semtex, claymore, flash bang, and for perks have hardline, hardend PRO, and hacker PRO, because hardline 1 less kill can make the difference, hardend is good so if you have to drop shot you can shoot through the wall and its like stopping power, and hacker cuz you can sabotage enemy equipment and see it and shoot it with hardened,

    Thanks for reading this i hope it helped if so reply telling me if it did or didn’t cuz the feed back will actually help my gameplay quite a bit too so thanks! 😀

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