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Call Of Duty Black Ops: Zombies

Call Of Duty Black Ops: Zombies
With the release looming closer every day, we take a look at some of the information and videos released for the return of the Zombie mode in Call Of Duty Black Ops. There was speculation surrounding the title for months, fans weren’t told that a Zombie mode would feature in Black Ops so a lot of people assumed it wasn’t coming. Shortly after announcing the game, rumors started to circulate that there was a Zombie mode planned for Black Ops… but very little substantial evidence was offered. Several months down the line, we’re a couple of weeks from release and there is still very little information provided.

On October 18Th, several Videos from the Black Ops beta got leaked onto the Internet showing some good Zombie footage but unfortunately the videos were taken down within moments. I’ve already found 20+ videos that have been removed leaving the message “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Activision Games Inc.” They’ve made it quite clear they don’t want people knowing anything until the game hits the shelves.

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