Champions Online Goes Free 2 Play

Champions Online Goes Free 2 Play
In a recent announcement Cryptic told Champions Online fans that they would be adding a Free 2 Play game-play option. This gives old players the opportunity to return to the game and see how the Champions Online universe has evolved..

Unfortunately we’re going to have to wait until early 2011 before we can dig our spandex out of the attic, we expect to see more announcements relating to the Champions Online Free 2 Play game-play option within the coming weeks.

They plan to hold a beta to test the Free 2 Play option (Much like Lotro) that will begin on November 9th, minimal information is available but it appears they will be using a tiered subscription model with a heavy focus on Cryptic Points currency. Although the Free 2 Play accounts will have limited access, the game will easily hit the top 5 Free 2 Play titles. The game-play is innovating, the combat is engaging and the customization is outmatched

The game is sure to see a huge surge in population in 2011, other than a couple of minor bugs and lack of end game content at launch, the game was amazing to play at launch.

Blaine Smith

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