Check Out Gangs Of Sherwood’s Iconic Heroes In Latest Trailers

Appeal Studios and Nacon today shared exciting new details about the iconic heroes in the upcoming co-op action-adventure title, Gangs of Sherwood. Narrated by Game Director, Andrea Di Stefano, the new trailers offer players insight into the personalities and abilities of Robin, Marian, Friar Tuck, and Little John.

Robin Of Locksley

The iconic leader of the resistance and a legendary archer. Robin of Locksley boasts a variety of skills and combo attacks that can take down even the strongest enemies from range. His long-range special shots can rain down on multiple enemies, blast through shields, and even send them flying – allowing companions to initiate additional combo attacks.


The daughter of the evil Sheriff of Nottingham, Marian combines elegance and lethality with an impressive arsenal of abilities. Taking on the role of assassin, she is adept at both close and long-range combat, using a retractable chain sword and daggers.

Friar Tuck

Friar Tuck fills the vital role of healer in any group, a key to overcoming the game’s challenges. Armed with a mace and a barrel of mead, Friar Tuck specializes in melee abilities and excels in a defensive, tank-style role.

Little John

Previously a leader in the Sheriff of Nottingham’s army, Little John is the most battle hardened of the group. A fearsome fighter who deals high damage through fast, successive punches and melee attacks.

Games of Sherwood is a co-operative game for 1-4 players, focusing on story-driven content and high replay value in a reimagined world based on the legend of Robin Hood. The game is scheduled to launch on October 19th for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, Steam, and Epic.

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