Commodore 64 Gets Revived With The 64

The 64 - Gamers Heroes
The 64 – Gamers Heroes
Remember the good ol’ days, when you didn’t need state-of-the art graphics to have a good time? Retro Games Ltd does, and hopes to bring the unbridled joy of the Commodore 64 days to a new generation of gamers. Introducing The 64, a home computer and portable reimagining of the classic system.

Bundled with a joystick, a selection of games, and a custom UI, The 64 remigines the Commodore 64 system that originally came out in 1982. Powered by a power ARM Cortex SoC, the system uses all the modern interfaces consumers are used to today. The 64 has the following specifications (taken from the IndieGoGo page):

  • Accurate recreation of the classic Commodore 64.
  • HDMI video and audio output.
  • We are considering composite video in addition to HDMI, for use on classic televisions.
  • Multiple SIDs for stereo sound (6581 or 8580)
  • New high-capacity (512MB+) writable cartridge support, with an adapter interface available later to provide classic cartridge compatibility.
  • Support for current storage media (for example SD cards), with emulation of the 1541.
  • Multiple joystick support for multi-player games.
  • Support for many of the popular emulator game file formats.
  • Firmware upgradable to support additional features and machines in the future (DTV64 features, etc.)

    You can view a trailer for The 64 below:

    The 64 – Trailer

    Asking for $150,000, the campaign has raised $41,000 so far, with a month left to go. You can view The 64’s IndieGoGo page here.

    Source: Press Release

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