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Counter Strike Online: Open Beta

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Any gamer that has used the Internet in the past few years will undoubtedly be familiar with the massive First Person Shooter hit Counter Strike. Originally created by Valve using the Source engine, Counter Strike has seen hundreds of updates and fixes as its regularly hits 5,000 players daily on Steam. The upcoming Counter Strike Online is hosted at Iahgames, known to be a typical gaming portal offering Cash driven item mall games…

The game features a large variety of weapons that you unlock as you level your player, they’ve also included a tag system very similar to that used by Valve with their Source titles. Counter Strike Online also features a lot of the much loved First Person Shooter game modes seen in other recent titles including, but not limited to Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, VIP Mode, Zombie Mode and more. The game has been available in Korea for some time now but the doors will finally be opened for US/EU players “Soon”. A recent update to the original Source title shows Counter Strike: Source debut on the Mac as well as a number of player stats and achievements improvements.

Giving you the option to choose and customize your load-out, Counter Strike Online offers a nice amount of customization options as well as a large array of weaponry, maps and modes. The hardcore Counter Strike players will surely still play the original Source title but Counter Strike Online has the potential to be one of the most player free-to-play FPS games on the Internet, that is assuming Iahgames pull off a miracle and don’t destroy another popular franchise for the good of a few dollars.

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