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Rigid-Soft may not be the most famous developers on the planet but the indie scene is often credited as pushing the boundaries of gaming and that proves true as these developers offer the gaming community the chance to make their own characters, quests and background story that will feature in the highly anticipated zombie MMO PC game, Lifeless.

A new post by Community Manager Matt Acres, goes into detail on the background surrounding 3 of the in-game factions before giving players the opportunity to submit their own characters and quest ideas to be featured in the full game. Lifeless already boasts a myriad of features long overdue in the zombie MMO genre, such as fortifications, traps and detailed character progression, but tapping into the endless pool of imagination from the gaming community creates the potential for even the most mundane quests to become story-based epics.

If there’s one attribute that games have always tapped into, it’s imagination, and giving us the opportunity to help shape the world we’re going to explore is an opportunity not to be missed. However, if you’re struggling to fill in a few gaps they have provided a basic introduction to some of the in-game factions.

People of the Free World“The free world belongs to the people” – (Civilians)
The People of the Free World faction believes strongly in democracy and equal rights for everyone. In their eyes, preservation of individual humanity is of greater importance and strength or power.
They believe The New Order and The Brotherhood are inhumane in their ways and therefore, are no better than zombies and as a result, should be treated the same.
Anyone with the same belief as them and the will to fight to build a humane society is free to join their cause.

The New Order“Efficient Order will Prevail” – (Military)
The New Order believes in uniform state with strong soldiers in order to fight the zombies and reclaim their rightful land. They have little sympathy for weak people and thus look down upon the People of the Free World faction and their beliefs.

They also oppose the chaotic ways of The Brotherhood and conduct matters in state of order. The military faction is a society with strict rules and does not tolerate weakness or disobedience.

In order to join the The New Order you need to be a strong individual willing to kill for the sake of the greater good.

The Brotherhood“Blood and Sacrifice will cleanse” – (Bandits)
The Brotherhood is a group of zealous fanatics that have no order or ranks within the faction.

The Brotherhood are a fascist cult that believe enough blood, sacrifice and violence both toward the living and the undead will grant them some type of salvation.
They regard The New Order and People of the Free World factions as fair game when it comes to sacrifices.

To join The Brotherhood, all you need is a thirst for blood.

Matt Acres also goes on to explain the process of community submitted content:

What we would love for you to do, is come up with some characters of your own. It can be just one or even a whole family if you wish. We will then look at each story and the ones we enjoy the most will be added to the game and have quests created for them based on the backstory written by you! If we can’t decide, we will make a poll and let the community decide!

Make the stories as rich as possible – think about the character’s name, age, relationships, family members (are they a lone ranger?), personality, career before the outbreak, tasks they do now, why they ended up in this particular faction and not the others etc…

So if you’ve ever fancied yourself as a bit of a creative talent with a liking for zombies, citizens in a world without hope, and just generally a rather depressing outlook on life, this could be your chance to make your mark.

To submit your ideas head on over to the official forums.

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