Creepy Jar’s Chimera Renamed StarRupture

The team at Creepy Jar announced that their next title has been renamed from Chimera to StarRupture.

Creepy Jar said that StarRupture is more representative of the unique world they’re creating. The unique name “StarRupture” was also chosen to facilitate the promotion of the game and its online positioning, enabling better protection of the verbal trademark worldwide.

Learn more with the first of an ongoing series of StarRupture devlogs below:

StarRupture Devlog #1 – Welcome to the Rupture

Topics like production milestones and sneak peeks at some of StarRupture’s many mechanics, enemies, and mysteries will be unveiled in future devlogs.

Creepy Jar founder and CEO Krzysztof Kwiatek said the following:

“We wanted to come up with a new title that more accurately described the dangerous sci-fi world we’re creating. We had to break away from the mythology-based roots of Chimera and we landed on StarRupture. Originating from the base word ‘rupture’—as in a break or a disturbance—the new name also closely ties to the name of the planet’s star which is aptly named, Ruptura.”Krzysztof Kwiatek

A story of man-versus-nature, StarRupture will task players with mining and expanding industrial production, alongside researching new technology as they contend with mystery and danger in a sci-fi setting.

All those interested can wishlist the game on StarRupture’s official Steam page.

Source: Press Release
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