Cursed Castilla Coming to the PlayStation Vita

Cursed Castilla - Gamers Heroes
Abylight Studios and Locomalito are teaming up with Eastasiasoft to bring Cursed Castilla to the PlayStation Vita.

Set to release on November 9, 2017, Cursed Castilla is a 2D action platformer that is a love letter to classic action arcade games from the ‘80s and ‘90s. Included in the game are eight different stages, more than 48 different kinds of enemies, 19 final bosses, and up to four different endings.

A physical Limited Edition will be available exclusively on Play-Asia.com, with only 4,000 copies available worldwide.

Below is a trailer for the Nintendo 3DS version, released earlier this year:

Cursed Castilla (Maldita Castilla EX) trailer for Nintendo 3DS

Source: Press Release

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