Custom Amtrak Train Sim World 2 Livery Released

In collaboration with famed railroad company Amtrak, Dovetail Games has released a custom livery in Train Sim World 2 as part of a free update.

This wrap is sponsored by Train Sim World 2 and can be found on locomotive #662. It will run on services in the Northeast Corridor, which includes stops in Boston, MA and Providence, RI. Players can expect to see it throughout the rest of its Anniversary year.

According to Doug Duvall, Amtrak’s Assistant Vice President of Corporate Communications:

”This year we painted six diesel locomotives to commemorate our fifty years of service as America’s Railroad. We are honored to collaborate with Train Sim World 2 to bring a special livery to an electric locomotive that fans, employees and passengers in the Northeast can enjoy.”

Dovetail Games VP of Marketing Keith Anderson added:

“Amtrak is one of the most iconic American passenger services and it’s exciting to be able to realize a long-term dream of ours to collaborate with them on a real world livery. Railfans can enjoy seeing this both as they travel in the real world on the locomotive and virtual with Train Sim World 2.”

The Boston Sprinter route, which is part of the Rush Hour series, will receive a free update that will allow players to operate the ACS-64 with this custom 50th Anniversary livery in-game as they traverse the Northeast Corridor.

Source: Press Release
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