Dark And Light RPG To Feature ARK Style Creature Capture Mechanics

Dark And Light News
Snail USA today released a new trailer detailing the capture and taming mechanics of the upcoming sandbox RPG, Dark and Light. The vast open-world of Dark and Light is home to a number of fantastical creatures, many of which can be tamed and turned into mounts that can be used in battle or used to explore the game world.

There are over 40 different types of creatures in Dark and Light. From familiar critters like boars and elk to more mythical and magical creatures like dragons, gryphons and unicorns. The video showcases a player taming a flying mount using mechanics similar to that of ARK: Survival Evolved.

[testimonials user=” email=” name=’Snail Games USA’ position=’Developers’ photo=”]Taming creatures requires skill, resources, and time. Players will need harpoons and good aim to catch a creature and tie it down. A captured creature will likely struggle to escape at first, but it will become tired eventually. When this happens, players need to set up a feeding trough with its favorite food to calm them down and domesticate them over time. Some larger and fiercer creatures, like wyverns and dragons, may require a team effort to capture. Not all creatures can be tamed using this method however and require a different approach entirely.

For more information check out Dark And Light on Steam.

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