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Dark Souls III Official Gameplay Trailer

Today BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America and FromSoftware released the Official Dark Souls III Gameplay Trailer. The trailer shows off new areas, new enemies and a new, faster paced combat system. The game looks like it is coming along nicely.

The combat in the trailer looks much more like Bloodborne than Dark Souls 2. Both the player and enemies attack and move, much faster and more fluid than in the previous games. Something else I noticed in the trailer was no magic being used. I assume that, since it is a Souls game, you will get magic but so far we have no confirmation one way or another. Dragons also make a return in the trailer after being absent in Bloodborne. From the looks of the trailer you can expect to have some epic boss battles and intense skirmishes with multiple smaller enemies.

The game will also introduce a new ability known as Battle Arts, which changes depending on your weapons. These moves can help you break down enemy defenses and deliver new powerful attacks. These moves will be important to defeat some of the stronger enemies and bosses in the game. This could mean that we have less weapons but more attacks on the weapons. It’ll be interesting to see how many variations of Battle Arts there are in the game, I’m worried it won’t be much.

Maybe we will see some magic and some examples of Battle Arts in the next trailer. Dark Souls III is coming soon for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC in early 2016.

Source: Press Release

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