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Dark Souls sequel may never happen

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After playing hour after hour of Dark Souls I was shocked to hear that there might not be a third game in the series. The fans of Dark Souls can only hope that there will be another chance that a new game.

In a recent interview the creative director of Dark Souls expressed his concern with the third game. He is unsure if the fans will forgive them for their mistakes and may not have another chance to make the sequel.

“We don’t even know if we’ll have another chance. We have the confidence that we can improve from our mistakes this time and create an even better Dark world, but we don’t know if the users will forgive us for the mistakes, so I cannot give an exact answer.”

Hidetaka Miyazaki (the creative director) said this in relation to the frame-rate issues that have been seen in the game. He explained that the large-scale game has some technical difficulties that effected Dark Souls.

“Yes, there were technical difficulties. I don’t believe that it’s okay to have them, but realistically speaking, it was quite a large-scale game – even in terms of budget and expectations. So we’re very sorry for the trouble we’ve caused by our processing errors and bugs from Japan. It was a title that we haven’t really experienced in all aspects, so there were areas where we felt our technical side couldn’t keep up with the game’s scope, like an increasingly growing ache. I didn’t mind the growing pains. We accept the game as it is, and that it’s just a part of the learning curve.”

All we can do now is hope that in the long run there will be an opportunity for the sequel to be made. All we can do is wait and see.

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