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David Attenborough, Morgan Freeman & Arnold Schwarzenegger In Assassin’s Creed Unity…Well, Kinda

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Ubisoft recently uncovered previously hidden online footage of arguably the greatest group of Assassin’s to ever grace the world of stealth and silence as four very familiar voices share their experiences in one of many Assassin’s creed Unity four player co-op missions.

According to Ubisoft’s sources, the video was originally posted on YouTube via Xbox Live by a user named DavidAttenbro. In the video his is joined by MorganF Da Man, SchwarzeKiller and ChattyManAl69, as they each explore the rooftops of 18th century Paris before attempting to locate and loot a valuable hidden painting.

Sources from within Ubisoft are speculating that the characters in the video are none other than British naturalist David Attenborough, talk show host Alan Carr, the Austrian Oak Arnold Schwarzenegger and Hollywood legend Morgan Freeman.

However, it’s far more likely that the characters are the result of some rather impressive work from the renowned impressionist, Terry Mynott. Check out the trailer below and judge for yourself.

Source: Press Release

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