DayZ Update 1.23 Now Available

Update 1.23 for Bohemia Interactive’s post-apocalyptic survival game DayZ is now live for PC and consoles.

Skies have received an overhaul as part of this update. Clouds are now more distinct, the transition between day and night is smoother, and there is now a custom sky setup for Chernarus and Livonia.

In addition, the iconic DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) can also be found in the title. A semi-automatic powerhouse, this weapon is based on the legendary M14 used by the US Marine Corps. It shoots .308 rounds, can be equipped with most western sights, and accepts both 10 and 20-round magazines.

Update 1.23 also brings with it the compact field shovel, along with a variety of and character-related clothing items for your head. This is on top of new padded gloves.

Finally, the introduction of player spawn groups means that one now has a greater likelihood of beginning or respawning on the same server as their companions

Learn more with the trailer below:

DayZ 1.23 Update Teaser

Want to learn more? Be sure to read up about all the nitty-gritty around Update 1.23 with their official article.

The update is available for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

Source: Press Release
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