Dead Island: Riptide News

Dead Island Riptide – 10 Minute Gameplay Footage Video Released

Dead Island Riptide News
Modern day society has long been fascinated with zombies, whether it’s because we all feel like mindless drones working 9-5 just so we can eat, or we enjoying blowing the head off humanoids without facing the death penalty, everyone loves a good zombie game. The latest zombie game to join the craze is a title following the hugely popular birth of the Dead Island franchise; Dead Island Riptide.

Earlier today Deep Silver made the most exciting announcement in the games short history, the release of a mouth watering 10 minute demo video. Grab a tissue, wipe that drool from your chin; it’s just a video.

Alright, so it’s only 9:19 long; sue me. One of the main focuses of the video is the new Hub Defense Missions, a form of Tower Defense game; familiar mechanics that exploded with the release of mobile gaming. Although I’m incredibly excited about the game, the first 3 minutes have already presented a few concerns. I don’t really like the concept of having to drag items from one place to another, throwing it away to take out zombie threats.

But on the other hand; the footage that follows is awesome. It shows players creating fortifications at a hub before turning on a zombie-attracting water pump. They construct fences, lay down minefields and throw around some explosive containers. It reminds me of survival mode in Left 4 Dead, just with a bit more depth and options. What do you think of the video? Dead Island made quite a splash but was mocked by many for its lack of variety, will we see the same in Dead Island Riptide?

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