Deadpool Game Announced at Comic-Con 2012

Deadpool announcement logo.

The rise of marvel is upon us. After years of, lets be honest, pretty bad licensed Marvel games like anything from the Wolverine series there is hope on the horizon. Activision, High Moon Studios and Marvel have announced a Deadpool game marched with an amazing announcement trailer. The Deadpool game looks like a third person, hack and slash style, game with a specific comic Deadpool persona. Funny dialog, comical noises and insane battle mechanics fill the trailer and make the game look very interesting. Not too much is known about the game but take a look at the announcement trailer for yourself!

Deadpool Announcement Trailer Comic-Con 2012

The trailer, for me, personifies what a comic video game should be. The bubbles for voices as well as the bat s#@$ crazy attitude of Deadpool makes me want to run out and buy this game now. Their official announcement webpage http://www.deadpoolgame.com also has this crazy attitude. The way that the Deadpool character is actually breaking the 4th wall to talk to gamers makes me feel like this game is going to be just that, a game. Sometimes we need just a random beat em up with an interesting character to space out the art games, FPS’s and MMO’s (sorry Captain Camper).

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