Demon Turf Trials Gets Mega Update

Dive back into the world of Fabraz and Playtonic’s Demon Turf Trials with the latest mega update to the game.

Performance-wise, this update features a number of fundamental and structural changes, including a faster start-up time, faster loading times, and better memory usage. Players now have more options to adjust performance per machine. Visuals have also received improvements as well, with a new anti-aliasing method, better gamma setting values, and improvements to shadows.

Of course, the bread and butter of a game like this is its platforming, and the gameplay has received a number of improvements as well. A Super Dribble has been added, camera values have been adjusted, and tweaks have been made to the gliding.

See some of the best players in the Demon Turf Trials community with the trailer below:

Demon Turf Trials: The Champions!

Demon Turf is a 3D platformer that has Beebz jumping, spinning and punching her way in a quest to take over the Demon Turfs and become the Demon Queen. Along the way, players will make use of momentum-driven combat and self-placed checkpoints.

You can grab the free Demon Turf Trials demo here.

Source: Press Release
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