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Divinity: Original Sin II Kickstarter A Huge Success – All Stretch Goals Achieved

Divinity Original Sin II News
Divinity: Original Sin amassed a massive fan base following its multi-award winning release last June and that success was surely partly responsible for the sequels equally successful Kickstarter campaign as Divinity: Original Sin II smashes its crowd-source fundraising effort of $500,00, instead attracting support to the tone of $2,032,434. The quadrupling of the games initial funding goal comes with plenty of perks as developers Larian Studios complete the entire list of Stretch Goals set for the game, allowing Divinity: Original Sin II to become a game far beyond its originally planned scope.

Some of the Stretch Goals made possible by the communities incredible support include:

  • Chris Avellone joins as a writer after the community connects him and Larian Studios.
  • Strategist Mode, to put the tactical abilities of even the most seasoned veterans to the test.
  • The Undead as a playable race. Why should the living have all the fun?
  • The Hall of Echoes, a new playable area in the land of the dead.
  • Love & Hate relationships, for even deeper roleplaying experiences.
  • Racial abilities, new skill trees, and dedicated mod support.

The final Stretch Goal sees the debut of Game Master Mode, something that’s personally got me very excited. Game Master Mode will give players the opportunity to design their own dungeons and then control certain elements, such as placement of enemies and manipulating aspects of the environment, as their friends explore the dastardly creation and attempt to escape with its untold treasures and valuables.

Larian Studios have yet to announce a release date for Divinity: Original Sin II but if you’re drooling at the mouth in anticipation the game that started all is set to make a re-appearance on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One this month with the release of Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. Whats more, those that have already purchased Divinity: Original Sin will receive the Enhanced Edition for free.

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