Drag Races Now Available in GTA Online

From now through January 31, new drag races in Rockstar Games’ GTA Online will net players Double GTA$ and RP.

Players can also get themselves Double GTA$ and RP on Auto Shop Robbery Contracts and Rhino Hunt this week.

When it comes to Premium Deluxe Motorsport Showroom Vehicles, players will be able to cop The Pegassi Torero (Sports Classic, 30% off), Canis Kalahari (Off-Road), Karin Futo (Sports), Dinka Jester (Racecar) (Sports), and Imponte Ruiner (Muscle). Meanwhile, Luxury Autos Showroom Vehicles include The Vapid Aleutian (SUV) and Declasse Impaler LX (Muscle).

Keep in mind the following Salvage Yard Robbery Targets this week: The Bravado Buffalo EVX (Muscle), Lampadati Viseris (Sports Classic), and Pegassi Toros (SUV).

For those that place Top 5 in the LS Car Meet Series for four days in a row, they can earn for themselves the Übermacht Zion Classic (Sports Classic). Meanwhile, Test Rides include The Vapid Dominator ASP (Muscle, 30% off), Karin Sultan RS Classic (Sports, 30% off), and Emperor Vectre (Sports).

Be sure to give the Lucky Wheel a spin this week too; this week’s vehicle is The Pfister Growler (Sports).

Discount-wise, players can get for themselves a substantial 50% off the LS Car Meet Membership and LS Car Meet Takeover. This is on top of 30% off Auto Shop Properties, all their Upgrades and Modifications, LS Tuners Racing Suits, and HSW Racing Suits.

On top of that, Vehicle Discounts this week include 30% off the Karin Calico GTF (Sports), Annis Euros (Sports), Vapid Dominator ASP (Muscle), Karin Sultan RS Classic (Sports), and Pegassi Torero (Sports Classic). In addition, this week’s Gun Van Discounts include 30% off the Railgun, plus 40% off the Assault SMG for GTA+ Members.

Speaking of GTA+ Members, perks this week in GTA Online include a free Albany Cavalcade XL (SUV), free Clothing, 1.5X GTA$ and RP on Wildlife Photography Rewards, and 2X Los Santos Car Meet Reputation.

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