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Dragon Age 2 Demo Incoming

Dragon Age 2 Demo Incoming

Anyone who was wondering if we would get a Dragon Age 2 demo you can know quit. It has been confirmed by EA and BIoware that we will be seeing the Dragon age 2 demo on February 22nd. They also shared a few more details with us.The demo will start you off in the prologue and you will get toe choose from three different classes( I assume warrior, rouge, and mage again.). Throughout this part of the game you will also learn a few things about the games new main character Hawke. No details on what yet but its not far off so we can wait. After beating the prologue you will be transported to a new are in the Dragon Age world Kirkwall. Hawke is supposedly the champion of Kirkwall so expect this place to play a major role in the game. Here you will meet with Isabela, one of the love interests in the game. She is a deadly smuggler who will join your team. Beating the Dragon Age 2 demo will net you an unlock in the real game called Hayder’s Razor. I love that beating free demos give you unlocks in the real game sometimes.

Anyways look for Dragon age 2 to come out on March 8th!

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