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Dragon Age Inquisition Adds First “Fully Gay Character” To The Series

Dragon Age Inquisition Adds First "Fully Gay Character" To The Series

In a recent character profile done for Dragon Age Inquisition we were introduced to Dorian, a mage from the Tevinter Imperium. He is the first fully gay companion to be in a Dragon Age game to date. Get some more details on Dorian.


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As stated above Dorain is a mage companion in the upcoming Dragon Age Inquisition game. Being from the Tevinter Imperium means he is part of the upper class and comes from a wealthy family. Mages are the top of the food chain in the Tevinter Imperium. Apparently he figures out something during the game that makes him give up all of that and that is when he meets up with you.

He is also the first character to be designed gay from start to finish. Sure before you could get with a dude if you could convince them but this guy will only go after you if you are a man. This also played a role in the Tevinter Imperium back story due to arranged marriages and perfection.

Another thing about Dorain is that he is sarcastic. One of the best things about the Dragon Age games is the banter between your party members while you are exploring. Sarcasm is always something I like to have on my journeys to help lighten the mood after a tense situation.

You can check the whole profile on the official website down below and also check any of the other companions you will be getting throughout the game. Will you be picking up the new Dragon Age? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

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