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Dragon Age Inquisition: Introducing Josephine

Dragon Age Inquisition: Introducing Josephine

Josephine is new to the Dragon Age series and comes in as your last adviser to the Inquisition. She was designed from the start to be a diplomat and a people person. Get some more details on your final adviser here!


Josephine is a noble woman who brings a bit of tact to the Inquisition. Instead of assassinations or brute force, Josephine would rather talk to find a solution if it is possible. She has worked for years as a ambassador for the royal courts in Theadas making her well versed in the politics there. Even though she would prefer to talk things out if she needs to she can be stern and direct. She is a people person and would always prefer the friendly outcome to the violent one.

While you are off fighting dragons and dark spawn Josephine will be be spreading word of the Inquisition. She will make you look good and deal with any diplomatic issues that arise while you are out playing. She gets along with Leliana and respects Cullen for what he brings to the table. That said if she doesn’t agree with a move either of them are trying to make she will speak up against them. Expect a love and hate relationship between the three at this point. You will have to pick a side eventually so make sure you get to know each of them while you can.

So now we have all three advisers covered and really any and all areas that we might need covered. Which one of the advisers are looking forward to working with the most? Personally I’ve always liked Cullen so I will be taking on the more military route when the game finally releases this fall!

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