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Dragon Age Inquisition: Introducing Solas

Dragon Age Inquisition: Introducing Solas

Dragon Age Inquisition introduces another mage to the party and his name is Solas. Solas is an expert on the fade and will bring the expertise to the Inquisition. Get some more details on Solas and what he brings to the table here!


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In Dragon Age Inquisition there is a Mage rebellion going on and that is when Solas joins your team. Solas actually never belonged to the circle of Mages but kept hidden and learned how to control his powers on his own. This is also where he learned to control the Fade and how enter it. While he is in the fade he can see past events and learn things no one else knows. Since the Fade is made up of peoples memories though the visions are some times not accurate. Unlike other Mages though Solas doesn’t believe all beings in the Fade to be bad. Finding it on his own let him make his own decisions when it comes to creatures in the Fade.

In combat he can do things other Mages cannot due to his connection with the Fade. Solas sees the sky open up and joins the Inquisition of his own free will. His expertise with the Fade also come to play in conversations. Him and another character, Cole, get along well because Cole is a spirit and Solas can answer some of his questions.

So will you bring Solas around on your adventures or will you pick another Mage? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

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