Dragon Quest Heroes Gets A Game Overview Trailer

Dragon Quest Heroes Gets A Game Overview Trailer
With only a couple weeks to go, Dragon Quest Heroes gets a new trailer that helps you understand what the game is about. Learn about the character, combat and enemies in the game. Check out the trailer here!

Dragon Quest Heroes Game Overview Trailer

First thing the trailer does is introduces the 12 characters you will play as. King Doric will use a mace and seems to have an AoE ground smash special ability that hits all the enemies in the area. Luceus and Aurora are the sword and shield users, Aurora can summon an electric attack from the sky to attack her foes. Isla is an engineer and uses some sort of gun that can launch a barrage into enemies. Alena is the martial artist and Kiryl is the priest. Maya is the dancer who will use fans for combat and can summon a dragon to breath fire onto your enemies. Terry is another sword and board user and it looks like he uses dark magic to attack the enemies. Nera and Bianca are the archer and mages of the game. Yangus is a large guy who uses a two handed axe and Jessica uses a whip on her enemies. Last but not least, Healix, the healing slime who will help keep your party alive throughout the game!

You will be able to bring four members into battles with you. Each fight will be different so switching up your team often will be helpful in the long run. When you kill a monster, if you are lucky, you will get a Monster Medal. You can use Monster Medals in battle to summon monsters to help you fight, this could be key to victory or defeat! As you progress in the game you and the enemies will get stronger.

In order to beat the tougher enemies you will need to upgrade equipment and armor. You will also be able to create accessories and buy Orbs, which can boost you defenses or add abilities to a character. As you level you will also be able to unlock skills for you characters. Each character will have their own unique abilities and common ones that they share with other characters. Being properly prepared will be the key to victory in Dragon Quest Heroes.

Dragon Quest Heroes:The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below launches on October 13th on PlayStation 4.

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