Dreamcast Collection Game List

Dreamcast Collection Game List

Well a lot of us had some high hopes for Sega’s Dreamcast Collection game list but alas I am disappointed. I have so many great memories on the Dreamcast from Shenmue to Jet set radio and needless to say apparently they didn’t make the cut. So here it is the disappointing game list for the Dreamcast collectionGame number 1: Crazy Taxi – A lot of us remember the fun of this game only to be reminded that it was really hard and frustrating. Get the guy you pick up in your cab to his destiantion in the shortest amount of time to get the most amount of points. What’s nest you ask? DO IT AGAIN! Yup that’s the jist of the game with some challenges and mini games added in. Oh did I mention this is already on PSN and XBLA?

Game number 2: Sonic Adventure – Sonic made his leap to 3D and his friends decide to join him. Basically you blow through levels trying to get the Chaos emeralds and beat Chaos. You get to play Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Big, Amy, Eggman and a robot(forgot his name). You can also level up these things called Chaos. Blue baby things that change with the animals you give them. Oh hey guess what? This is also on PSN and XBLA.

Game number 3: Sega Bass Fishing – Fishing… Yehaw.

Game number 4: Space Channel 5 part 2 – I never really played much of this but some people like it. You follow around a girl named Ulala as she has to have dance offs and shoot outs. She says a direction you hit it on the controller.

So there you have it a very big disappointment considering how many good games were on the Dreamcast. Maybe they should of let the fans pick the game list for the Dreamcast Collection.

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