DreamHack – The countdown!

DreamHack - The countdown!
“The world largest digital festival” as they like to call it, is now only 6 days away, and what a festival we’re in for!

For those of you who don’t know what DreamHack is, it’s a LAN event held in Jonköping, Sweden. It’s been held there since 2001, but the first LAN was actually held in the early 90’s and was the mainly for the demo scene. Since 2001 the LAN has been held 2 times a year, with the Winter DH primarily for the demo scene, and the Summer  DH for the pro gamers.

StarCraft 2 Dreamhack AMD Sapphire Championship
Counter – Strike 1.6 Dreamhack MSI Championship
Quake Live Team Deathmatch Dreamhack MEDION Championship
Quake Live Duel Dreamhack MEDION Championship
Quake Live TONY FFA Special sponsored by 2GD
Bloodline Champions, and a world first Trackmania Canyon Championship.

WCG Samsung National Finals Qualifiers:
Counter-Strike 1.6, StarCraft 2, Tekken 6 and League of Legends.

Inferno Online Final 4:
Heroes of Newerth, Counter-Strike 1.6, StarCraft 2 and Fifa 11.

Now lets get a bit closer to what all these are!

The WCG Samsung National Finals Qualifiers will determine who will represent Sweden in the WCG Samsung National Finals. There will no doubt be a lot of good performances from all the different Swedish players and clans here, so if you want to keep an eye on who will be playing for the strong gaming nation, this is the place to look! We will be keeping scores, and giving you all the necessary information RIGHT HERE!

The Inferno Online Final 4 events are part of the Inferno Online leagues, found at iol.playdh.com. There has been held a series of LAN events where people have been qualifying to play in the grand finals @ Dreamhack.

The schedule (All times are local)

– Sat. June 18th

@ 16:00 DreamHack opening ceremony
@ 17:00 WCG StarCraft 2 Final
@ 19:45 DH Quake Live Duel Final
@ 21:30 IOL CS 1.6 Final

– Sun. June 19th
@ 12:00 WCG CS 1.6 Final
@ 18:30 DH Super Street Fighter Final
@ 20:00 DH Quake Live TDM Final
@ 21:45 IOL Heroes of Newerth Final

– Mon. June 20th
@ 12:45 IOL FIFA11 Final
@ 14:15 IOL StarCraft 2 Final
@ 17:00 DH Bloodline Champions Final
@ 18:30 DH StarCraft 2 Final
@ 19:00 WCG Tekken 6 Final
@ 21:00 DH CS 1.6 Final

* Please note that these times MAY change during the event!

Stay tuned on GamersHeroes.com for all the news!
There will be results, schedules, and hopefully interviews with the participants in the comps and finals!

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