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Dying Light Launches City Of Harran Website

Dying Light Launches City Of Harren Website
The City Of Harran is where you will play during your stay in Dying Light. With a couple weeks to go Techland has released a website for the city that has background information to see. Get the details of the website below!

City Of Harran Website

You can find the website here, or at the bottom of this article.

The website itself has five tabs that all have different into about the city. The first tab is before the outbreak which, you guessed it, talks about the city before the outbreak. This section is basically why you should visit or why you should live in the city. You can also learn a little history about the city and there sports teams.

The second tab is the blog section where you get up to date news on the city. At the bottom it seems like a normal blog and about halfway through you get to the Epidemic post. From here you can read what was happening around the city and what was being done to help. The last article is about the blog writer doing news when no one is working.

The last three tabs are city hall, residents and visitors. The city hall section is more about the city and jobs for the city. The residents section more reasons to live there like school and kindergarten. Visitors is basically a tour guide that leads to monuments, shopping areas and chill zones. This might actually be useful to help you navigate in game. There is also weather icon on the site which would be cool to see update in game.

So if you can’t wait for the game give this website a shot and learn a bit about the the city and the game world. Check back soon for more Dying Light info!

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