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E3 2012 Splinter Cell Blacklist Reveal

Splintet Cell Blacklist E3 2012

Microsoft started early in E3 by revealing Splinter Cell Blacklist.  They stated that this Splinter Cell would be the best Splinter Cell to date. The game play they showed was pretty solid all around and it should be high on most people’s radar. Let’s get into more detail on the game. Early in the show Microsoft revealed a new Splinter Cell called Blacklist. The game started with Sam being in some sort of middle eastern encampment and had him bring in a wounded solider while in disguise. After he brought the solider into the tent one of the solderers realized he wasn’t one of the normal guys. Before he approached Sam he was able to target two enemies and execute them with a single press of a button after taking care of the solider that got close.

After that it went into more classic Splinter Cell mode. The objective was pointed out and Sam had to make his way to the target. He had plenty of things to hide behind and climb as well as many people to shoot. He was also able to pull off the execution while moving and they said you could do it more fluently as you master the ability.

Then they showed how kinect will be used in the game as well. They said something and Sam then said something in game. It was used to have an enemy come over to a cliff and then Sam took care of him. That was just one way they showed kinect could be used in the game and I think it is safe to assume it will have more uses.

Sam then had to bring someone in and instead of listening to his command just killed the individual. After that a large screen appeared around Sam and he was going to pull something off but the game cut off. Whatever that is I want to see more of it.

Lastly at the end they made sure to state that there will be single player, Co op and multiplayer. They then stated it would be out in 2013.

That was a strong start to the Microsfot E3 conference. Check back soon for more updates and information on Splinter Cell Blacklist!

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