EA Goes Head To Head With Steam

EA Goes Head To Head With Steam
Today EA launched their new online digital platform “Origin”. Currently Origin is mainly a digital distribution service that offers over 150 EA titles available for direct download and they also plan to include limited edition Origin exclusives for many big releases such as FIFA 12 and Battlefield 3.

Along with the release was a beta download available off the main site that allowed users to access a friends lists and also included an overlay similar to that of Steam. EA confirmed their future intentions with this statement from David DeMartini

“Origin is a game service with two fundamental features. It’s a download service for the very best content from EA and its partners. It also offers a social function which, over time, will connect to a player’s profile with friends list and a cross-platform feed that shows what your friends are playing and where.” He also mentioned a few other new services that EA planned to bring forward.

Many gamers complain of EA’s lackluster titles pumped out year after year but they keep meeting the mark and now set their sights on a new platform. The main concern for many is that they also announced Star Wars: The Old Republic would be exclusive to Origins meaning anyone that is wanting to play the highly anticipated MMO will be forced to use EA’s Origin.

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