EA Sports UFC Gets New Career Mode Details

EA Sports UFC Gets New Career Mode Details

As with every other UFC game EA Sports UFC will have a career mode. Before you can jump into the UFC in this game you will have to make it through the Ultimate Fighter. Get the details below!

New UFC Career Details

EA UFC Submission

In EA Sports UFC career mode you will create a character and pick his weight class. After that you will pick his martial arts background from the various choices the game gives you. Whatever fighting style you choose will affect your starting stats in the 24 different categories.

After you create your character you will fight for a place on the Ultimate Fighter. Once you win you will get to see the coach options depending on your weight class. For instance middle weight is Weidman and Machida, and light heavyweight is Jones and Gustafsson. After you figure out who the coaches are you will have to fight and win the Ultimate Fighter in order to gain access to the UFC and to get your first sponsor.

Once you are in the UFC you will start on under card PPVs and work your way up to the championship. There are two main stats in career mode to watch out for called popularity and longevity. The more popular you become the more sponsors you get and the more likely a talented fighter will come train with you at your gym. Longevity on the other hand is how long you have left in the UFC. The more damage you take over your career the quicker your career will be over. Boxing is all fun and good but if you take a lot of damage along the way expect a short career.

Winning fights and training will get you EXP and Evolution points. EXP will unlock new abilities in ground, stand up and physical, as well as give you new game plans for your opponents. Evolution points can be spent on fighter’s attributes or on new moves. You will want both to make the perfect fighter.

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