Elden Ring Smashing Dark Souls Sales Records

FromSoftware’s Elden Ring, one of the years highest rated MetaCritic games thus far, continues to impress as its brand new IP smashes records set by Dark Souls 3, increasing boxed launch sales by 26%.

The challenging and difficult nature of the Dark Souls games occupies a rare but intriguing niche within the industry. The skill level requirements restrict the game from ever hitting the core mainstream audience but as these latest figures show, FromSoftware’s potential has yet to hit its peak.

Elden Ring Smashing Dark Souls Sales Records

Before Elden Rings incredibly successful launch this year, Dark Souls 3 was previously FromSoftware’s biggest release but has been dwarfed in physical sales compared to Elden Ring – and that’s not including digital sales and downloads.

While the success of the launch is not surprising after reading the reviews, the boxed sales split between consoles is interesting. PlayStation 5 dominated 63% of sales, with Xbox and PS4 at 17% and finally, PC on 3%, although some platforms are clearly more inclined to purchase digitally.

Source: GameIndustry
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