Elder Scrolls MMO Announced

Elder Scrolls Online Announced

The next cover of Game Informer magazine features a new Elder Scrolls symbol for a brand new chapter in the Elder Scrolls saga. The new massively multiplayer online game (or MMO) boasts to be a major expansion in Elder Scrolls lore with players traveling all over the world of Elder Scrolls land of Tamriel. The cover story for Game Informer will cover areas like returning back to continents such as Elsweyr and Skyrim.

The new MMO is being developed by a team at Zenimax Studios and I for one can not wait to hear more information. Just thinking about a new Elder Scrolls game alone is exciting but with an MMO there is sure to be tons of social aspects to a game that kind of felt lonely before. Only so much can be developed in an open world game to make it really feel like it is populated by people.

With an MMO there is no need to try to make a world feel occupied because it can be occupied with real people. Also, with tons of players online player versus player (PvP) action is sure to be awesome. I just wonder how they will implement this into the universe. Will they have specific instances where players can meet on the battlefield or will it be something that can be activated in the world whenever? Fighting with your friends in the middle of Winterhold sounds like a blast.

That being said I also hope that the MMO does not focus too much on social aspect of the game and lose track of its ability to tell an amazing story. I don’t need another MMO that is driven solely by engaging with people that, let’s face it, can sometimes be annoying. One of the things that makes time in Skyrim so enjoyable is the fantasy and story that surrounds that experience. Someone can spend literally days just collecting and reading the books of Skyrim to understand the many nooks and crannies of lore. If the new Elder Scrolls game is just another MMO filled with fetch quests then you can count me out.

I’m sure this game is going to be good and I’m also sure that it is going to sell millions of copies when it first releases. What will really be the test of the new Elder Scrolls MMO is if the player subscription process keeps increasing or stays strong 3 or 6 months later after launch. I still know people who spend time going back into Oblivion. Lets just hope Zenimax Studios can keep the tradition of ever expansive fantasy filled lands that Elder Scrolls fans have grown to love.

What do you guys think? Are you excited for the new Elder Scrolls MMO? Would you rather have a new single player game like Skyrim? Hit us up in the comments.


  1. I am super exited for the new MMO. me and my mates killing dragons (if they are still alive and i do hope so) or even sneaking into a bandit den and robbing them. its all more fun with a buddy. you may play a stand up mage while your friend is the devilish theif who steals from the Jarls. and points the blaim on you. it all sounds cool as hell! but as an MMO it may lack the TLC they give their single player games. if they build it more like Diablo or Resident Evil 5 and just have your friends join and drop at anytime that would be perfect. you can play single player if you want or have your friends come in and pick a lock for you or play as your sheild brother/sister. its limitless if they do it right.

    1. I agree with you as well. I want to be able to play an Elder Scrolls game as a single player. If there is an added bonus where me and my buddies can take down a dragon together than that is just a bonus!

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