Elyon’s Second Closed Beta Now Live

The second closed beta for Bluehole Studio and Kakao Games’ MMORPG Elyon is now live.

Set in a world of technology and magic, this title tells the story of different factions that all wish to claim the world of Elyon. Skill building, character customization, weapon choices, and PvP have all been included.

This build, which is set to run to August 23, has been designed to be more closely aligned with its Korean counterpart. Included is the Slayer Class, updated Mana Awakening skills, improved game service platform and infrastructure, easier leveling, and solo and multiplayer dungeon play.

Learn more with the following trailer:

Elyon Game Content Trailer

Players that link a Kakao Games account with their Twitch account and participate in Elyon streams will receive the following perks:

  • CBT2 Access after 1 hour of viewing (CBT2 only)
  • Chick (Pet) after 3 hours of viewing (CBT2 only)
  • 3,000 + 100 Ruby Box after 5 hours of viewing (CBT2 only)
  • Jet Board A mount after 7 hours of viewing (for official launch)

You can find the Steam page here.

Source: Press Release
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