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English Version Of Dark Souls 3 Already Available On Xbox One

English Version Of Dark Souls 3 Already Available On Xbox One
Earlier today the Japanese version of Dark Souls 3 was released and console owners can currently play if they have Japanese accounts on their systems. Seems like someone at Microsfot might have messed up because the Xbox One players have the English version and PlayStation 4 users have the Japanese version.

English Version Of Dark Souls 3 Already Available On Xbox One

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] Now you can play it on either system as stated above but you will need to jump through some hoops to get the game. Just a heads up, doing this may get you banned on your main account so do it at your own peril. Personally, I’d play offline just to be safe.

On Ps4 you will need to make a Japanese account and get some Japanese PSN cards or order it from Amazon Japan. The system is not region locked so you can play the Japanese version of Dark Souls 3. You will also be on the US servers earlier than most other players because of this. Still the game is in Japanese and unless you can read it, good luck sorting out what item does what. The voices are in English but all the important stuff is still in Japanese.

Xbox is pretty similar. Make yourself a new account and set the region to Japan. You can buy Japanese Microsoft cards right from the Microsoft store if you search for Yen Cards. You also need a Japanese address which you will most likely need to google. The guy on NeoGAF that posted this used the Embassy in Tokyo. Reset your region back to whenever you are from and download the game. When you download the game you will be able to play it in full English with subtitles and item descriptions in English.

These is a discussion going on over in the Japanese Dark Souls Reddit about it as well if you would like to check that out. Reddit Post

So did someone drop the ball or is there something going on behind the scenes between Microsoft and From Software? Either way, you can currently play the English game on Xbox One.

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