Everspace 2 Content Update Now Live

The first major content update for Rockfish Games’ Everspace 2, Union: Contracts/Heartland, is now live on Steam and GOG.

This update brings with it three main and three side missions, along with a number of additional side activities that are largely set in the Union star system. Along the way, players can get acquainted with the new smuggling gameplay by the rogue Outlaw Elek, who players may recognize from EVERSPACE: Encounters. Early Access players of the title can jump into the cockpit of the new heavy-class Bomber as well.

Four new music tracks have also been added to Union, along with three battle themes and an additional chill synthwave beat that is perfect for Supralight travel.

For those who’d like to see it in action, scope out 12 minutes of gameplay footage with the video below:

EVERSPACE 2 Update: Contracts/Hinterland Narration Gameplay Trailer

According to Michael Schade, CEO and Co-Founder of ROCKFISH Games:

[testimonials user=” email=” name=” position=” photo=”]“EVERSPACE 2 had a fantastic launch with 92% positive reviews right out of the gate back in January. Pilots were really excited, burned through the content and demanded more—a good problem to have. Going into Early Access, we had eight to twelve hours of story content and twice as many side activities, secrets, and challenges to discover, as well as five ship classes. With Union: Contracts/Hinterland we’re adding new, carefully scripted, story content, introducing all-new gameplay mechanics, a new ship class that brings a unique playstyle to the game as well as lots of hidden treasures in Union. We also made a ton of tweaks and quality-of-life improvements overall, so we encourage pilots to start a new game to get the full new experience, but they can also just hop in and continue with their existing saves.”[/testimonials]

You can view the full changelog for the title via the latest Everspace 2 Kickstarter blog post here.

Source: Press Release
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