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Everything You Need To Know From Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV

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Square Enix blew the roof off with the recent Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event in Los Angeles as they revealed a bevy of exciting new details for the upcoming Final Fantasy XV including the official release date, information surrounding a short anime series, a brand new mobile title that will act as FFXV’s mini-game and some of the voice-acting talent behind a full-scale CG movie.

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV is a full length CG movie from Square Enix and Sony Pictures Entertainment. The movie weaves together elements of the FFXV story to deliver a tale of epic battles focusing around the King of Lucis with voice acting talent including Sean Bean, Lena Headey and Aaron Paul. Check out the trailer below:

Next up was the reveal of a brand new anime series, Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV, that will feature 5 episodes streamed free online with another episode available exclusively with the Ultimate Collector’s Edition. The anime will delve into the friendships of the 4 main characters and set the stage for the full adventure, all of which will be available before the release of the game.

A brand new demo, the Platinum Demo, for Final Fantasy XV is now available to download for free and offers players the chance to explore dreamscape of Noctis in a unique storyline that also offers players the opportunity to check out some magical spells and one of the community favorite summons Carbuncle – that can be unlocked for use in the full game for everyone that completes the demo.

The mini-game for Final Fantasy XV was also revealed, Just Monsters Five, which will be available to play in-game and released in English, French, German and Japanese voice options on iOS and Android devices prior to the games official release.

Finally, Final Fantasy XV will release on September 30th.

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