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Evolve Cinematic Trailer Looks Awesome

What To Expect From Evolve
The long awaited Evolve will soon be upon us following the news that the game has been cleared for the final certification process from first party vendors, and the development team are celebrating the games “gold” status with the release of a brand new cinematic trailer – spoiler, it looks incredible.

The game has been shipped off to manufacturers ahead of its February 10th release, giving players a little under a month before they can dive into the full release of the unforgiving competition that saw Evolve thrive during closed beta testing.

The team at Turtle Rock made a special pledge during development, one that would see the staff avoid the shaving or cutting of bodily hair until the game passed its final certification. For each inch of hair cut from the beards of the guys and the hair of the ladies, they pledged to donate $50 to Child’s Play charity. The team have revealed that over 227.5 inches of hair was cut, raising a staggering $11,375 for Child’s Play. We’re not entirely sure of the process involved in measuring such quantities of hair, but we’re happy to take Turtle Rock word on the matter.

Players can get another sample of Evolve prior to release with the open beta launch next week, providing some additional content that will be available in DLC content, including a fourth monster.

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