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Vampyr NEws
Vampyr has gotten a new E3 trailer to help you get an understanding of who you will be playing in the game. Will you sate you hunger with innocent lives or will you try to hold out until you find a cure? Check out the new trailer and get more details here.

Here is the E3 2016 trailer.

Vampyre is a new action RPG created by the studio Dontnot. You will play a Jonathan Reid as he is trying to find a cure and come to terms with his Vampirism(Vampyrism?). The game promises to have a deep narrative and an immersive experience rich with Vampire lore. Jonathon Reid must pick who he hunts, who lives and who dies is up to you.

Reid is a veteran of World War 1 who has been turned into a vampire. While we don’t know how this happened, he is struggling to keep his humanity while trying to stay alive. Leveling up in this game will be a little different to most RPGs. Combat will give experience but the bulk of your points will come from feeding on the innocent. The more you kill, the stronger you become. The main objective is to find a cure for your “disease” at whatever cost you see fit.

There is a cost to everything and killing innocents could have harsh repercussions. Killing certain innocent NPCs will start to mess with the town’s infrastructure and potentially force people to move out. Less innocents will mean fewer people for Reid to feed on. The example they give is killing the Merchant’s wife. Killing her will force the merchant to leave and for his store to close down. This could cause a chain reaction forcing others to leave as well because that can’t get what they need from that store. Time is of the essence in Vampyr.

There is no current release date for this game outside of 2017. The end of the trailer shows it will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox one and PC.

Source: Press Release

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