Fallout Online Announced

Fallout Online Announced
Interplay President Eric Caea confirmed that a MMO version of the popular Fallout series will be reaching gamers late 2012. Rumours have circulated the Internet for ages over whether or not a secret title named “PV13” was to be the Fallout Online title they hoped for, at last it is confirmed…

In the Magazine article (Edge Magazine Available Tuesday 26th) Eric Caea stated that the shooting part of the game was going to be a minor focus and that the core of the game would base around reconstructing the world. They also seemed to lash out a bit at Bethesda for making Fallout 3 “Too serious”

A team of 90 staff members will be working on the title which has a beta scheduled to start early 2012. They’ve remained pretty hush-hush on the exact details of the game but they did say newsletter subscribers would get an insight into NPC day to day life. Head on over to their Website to sign up

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